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Dental Crowns and Veneers in Dover NJ

Dover NJ Dentist

Dover NJ Dentist

Dental crowns and veneers serve similar purposes, but with different approaches and applications. In either case, though, our Dover NJ dentist is pleased to be able to give you stronger, better-looking teeth with these easy and effective methods.

Crowns are placed on top of the tooth, while veneers are placed in front of the tooth. Both are made from tooth-colored material, such as porcelain or ceramic. But because crowns have to hold up to chewing when they are placed on back teeth, there they are often made of porcelain baked onto a metal substrate. Typical uses for a crown are to augment a tooth that has been weakened from advanced decay, to cover a chip or crack, or to improve the look of a crooked or discolored tooth. Veneers are typically done to address multiple teeth, but often for the same reasons: chips, cracks, discoloration, poor shape or size, and one thing that crowns do not offer: dealing with large gaps between teeth. Our Dover NJ dentist will take impressions for either crowns or veneers. They will be sent to the dental lab where the crowns and veneers are made. In order to place a crown, cement is used between it and the tooth. Veneers require that a small amount of your tooth material is filed down so that they do not protrude. They are then bonded to the fronts of your teeth. The simple fact is that in order for your teeth to last you a lifetime and for you to have a smile that you’re proud to show, it requires occasional assistance. Our Dover NJ dentist provides many such services, and dental crowns and veneers are a big part of that.

Book an appointment to come in and get started on a crown or a set of veneers right away. Enjoy the benefits of a smile makeover for this summer. Call us today.

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