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Treating tooth loss in Randolph NJ

Youngstown NJ implant dentist

Youngstown NJ implant dentist

For patients who have lost a tooth, there a number of treatment options available—yet none so thorough and advanced as dental implants. A dental implant fully replicates the form and function of a missing tooth, down to the very root. At the state-of-the-art office of Dr. Edward J. Smith, your trusted Youngstown, NJ implant dentist, we pride ourselves on providing patients with the absolute premium in implant dentistry.

With a whopping 98% success rate, dental implants are the most successful implanted surgical device. They involve a small surgical post placed into the jawbone, much the same way a natural root works. Through a natural process called osseointegration, the implant integrates with the surrounding bone to become securely anchored in place. If a missing tooth is not replaced, there is a risk of the adjacent teeth shifting, causing problems for your bite. What’s more, the natural contours of the face may appear sunken or sagging where the tooth is lost because bone starts to naturally resorb without the stimulation of an actual tooth in place. Dental implants fully address this problem, by stimulating the jawbone in much the same way as the root of your own tooth. Single dental implants can support dental crowns, while multiple implants can support dental bridges or provide added stability to a removable denture. At your Youngstown NJ implant dentist, we’re here to meet all your implant dentistry needs.

Offering a comprehensive range of dental services designed to meet the needs of every member of your family, the office of Dr. Edward J. Smith is here to help you achieve an attractive and healthy smile. For more information on treating tooth loss, or to schedule an appointment, call our practice today. Let us help you explore the tooth loss solutions that work best for you. Our goal is to ensure patients leave with the healthy and beautiful smiles they deserve.

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